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Monsters of Folk

Review of the self-titled album Monsters of Folk

140 characters:

As each song plays to the strengths of its members, Monsters of Folk is a folkin’ synergistic success.

140 Words:

Supergroups run in two distinct categories for me:

  1. muddled mess- the highlights of individuals are overshadowed by others’ talents.
  2. synergistic success- the individuals play to the strengths of others, highlighting what/who is most important in each song.

I won’t go so far as to say Monsters of Folk is a masterpiece, but they definitely fall into the latter category. A track like “Dear God” plays to the strengths of My Morning Jacket (albeit the programming is reminiscent of Bright Eyes’ Digital Ash album). In “Say Please,” there is no doubt, for one song, this is Conor’s band. He has that effect, like Jack White, of making his presence known in projects without taking over every song. And “Whole Lotta Losin’” scampers along behind M Ward’s cowboy boot shuffle. Despite the incredible talent, they never lose focus; a synergistic success.

As a Haiku:

Conor, Jim and Matt

A synergistic success

as Monsters of Folk


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