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Old Californio - Westering Again

Review of the album Westering Again

by Old Californio

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In “Westering Again” Old Californio shows they are the New California.

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An acquaintance of mine introduced me, via a web-link, to a Pasadena-based band called Old Californio. I checked it out, liked what I heard and moved on.

A couple weeks later, I attended a Hunnypot party in the West-LA-Culver City area where it happened these guys were playing. Hearing several of their songs for the second time and watching the ease of their performance convinced me these guys are the real thing.

There’s a movement of younger bands embracing classic rock, blues, and jam bands, but Old Californio mixes these genres well, writing songs as well-honed as their performance. “Throwback” is a tired adjective for a band like this, as it does little to describe the vitality in their music. Vintage only works when it sounds fresh.

Standout tracks include: “Joseph Campbell”, “Are You Coming Home.”


Hear all things vintage

From Old Californio

It’s all new again


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