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Ten Story Love Song - Richard Milward

Ten Story Love Song
by Richard Milward

140 characters:
Ten Story Love Song, Richard Milward’s novel, is one paragraph of drunken debauchery and artistic soul searching.

140 words:
Ten Story Love Song, Richard Milward’s new novel, is one paragraph. The story begins on the cover without indentation and ends with a cutoff sentence, so grammatically, it’s not even really a paragraph.

That last fragment, I get. It’s secondary character’s last thought, but why the stream-of-consciousness punctuation everywhere else? Maybe if it were from one protagonist’s perspective it would come off better, like Jack Kerouac. And there are passages where Milward’s SOC works well, say, describing a bad acid trip.

I did enjoy the transitional devices- jumping from one character’s head to the pizza guy knocking on his door, then riding along with him as he moves on to the correct door, where we enter that tenant’s head.

It’s a young book from a young author. I look forward to reading his work as he matures.

Ten Story Love Song/
Richard Milward’s new novel/
is one paragraph

Irvine Welsh feels it/
Richard Milward is knocking/
as he finds his voice


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