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Twitterville - Shel Israel

Twitterville: by Shel Israel

140 Characters:
Twitterville, when relating the history of Twitter, is interesting. After that, I refuse to say the word Twitterville ever again.

140 Words:
The history of Twitter is an interesting story, but only makes up a fraction of the book. Instead Israel chooses to spend his time proving to us that Twitter is the future of all community, coming just short of the book earning infomercial status.

He spends much effort providing anecdotes of businesses who have thrived using this newish technology and others who have suffered the peril of ignoring it.

Israel has many useful things to say, but uses 287 pages to say what he could have said in 28 pages. Maybe restricting himself to 140 characters for so long finally got to him and he exploded in verbosity. Plus, he really wants the “Twitterville” moniker he coined to stick- he uses it dozens of times. I still call it Twitter.

For a newbie, I suppose Twitterville is useful.

Shel Israel’s book/
Twitterville, is much longer/
than one of his tweets


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