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Cold Cave - Love Comes Close

Cold Cave
album: Love Comes Close

140 Characters:
Cold Cave: n. A dark, dank, graffiti-ridden club with stare-at-the-floor dancing, guy-liner, and black. Lots of black.

140 Words:
I’ll admit I almost didn’t buy the Cold Cave CD because I disliked the artwork. But I’m glad I got over that. (But I still insist the cover of the insert would have been better.)

Anyway, this record was made for a dark, dank, graffiti-ridden club, a cold cave, if you will. Guy-liner, stare-at-the-floor dancing, and black. Lots of black.

Ironically, no matter how solemn the lyrics or vocal delivery, these songs make me happy. That’s a cool trick few bands can do, like Movement-era New Order. For them, and Cold Cave, darkness is a celebration.

It’s probably not surprising they are signed to Matador Records, who had signed contextually similar Interpol.

Soon to be classic: “Love Comes Close”
Ladytron would surely be jealous of: “Life Magazine”

Cold Cave, Love Comes Close/
Guy-liner, black. Lots of black/
Celebrates darkness

A dark, dank, club with/
Ladytron and New Order/
Created Cold Cave


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