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The Willowz - Everyone

140 Characters:
The Willowz waste no time on their new album, Everyone, rattling off ten solid songs in less than a half hour.

140 Words:
Rattling off ten songs in 26 minutes, So Cal band The Willowz waste no time on their new album Everyone, their second for Dim Mak Records.

Richie James Follin’s overmodulated, percussive vocals compliment the punky, distorted guitars, resulting in a highly energetic collection of songs with no dead space.

This album is tighter and more focused than others they released on Sympathy For The Record Industry (Are Coming and Talk In Circles), which were looser and more garage-y. I can speculate this is due to the influence of Dim Mak’s owner, Steve Aoki, who is known more for his work with DJ’s and electronic artists.

There are some Jack White moments, but these diminish somewhat on repeated listens, and vocals from bassist Jessica Anne Reynoza and guitarist William McLaren help change it up.

Highlights: “Repetition” and “I Know.”

Willowz waste no time/
With their energetic songs/
On “Everyone”


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