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Ignore Everybody - Hugh MacLeod

Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys To Creativity
by Hugh MacLeod

140 Characters:
Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody inspires creative types to carry on believing and producing, even if the book seems short.

140 Words:
It’s difficult to find fault in a guy who is out there to inspire creative types to carry on believing and producing.

Hugh MacLeod’s wildly successful and business card art has led to the creation of his book, Ignore Everybody, which is here to do just that- inspire.

But my criticism is less about his intention or talent; it’s that this makes a better coffee table book than traditional hardcover. Maybe a calendar.

Each of his recommendations are succinct, perfectly tweetable, and useful. But collected as a Top 40, it doesn’t seem like enough, and ironically gets repetitious.

The cartoons aren’t half-bad (and I like his website and blog, too), but this review is about how his ideas and art scale up to book form, and that’s where “Ignore” falls short.

Hugh, make another…I’ll buy it.

Hugh MacLeod proclaims/
Ignore everybody/
And find your own voice


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