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Dommin - Love Is Gone


album- Love Is Gone

140 Characters:
Dommin’s Love Is Gone presents tales of disillusionment about relationships through the lenses of goth, pop, and metal.

140 Words:
Dommin work their magic through the lenses of the dark crooner: part goth, part pop, part metal.

Band namesake, Kristofer Dommin, possesses a voice that fills the speakers and is as much an instrument as any guitar or keyboard on the album. But as much as Kristofer’s heart-wrenching tales of disillusionment about relationships could be construed as a solo artist’s work, Dommin sound very much like a band, as I can attest from their intense live show.

Although one of the producers, Logan Mader, is known for his work with Machine Head and Soulfly (guitar/producer), and Five Finger Death Punch (producer), Dommin’s album, Love Is Gone, explores a range of keyboards, processed beats, atmospheric soundscapes and sludgy guitar chords.

For lovers of HIM, Type O Negative, Danzig.

My Heart, Your Hands
Love is Gone

Dommin’s Love Is Gone/
presents tales through the lenses/
of goth, pop, metal

Kristofer Dommin/
Fills the role of dark crooner/


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