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Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts

140 Characters:
Male Bonding, with melodies emerging from noise and reverb, extends the tradition of bands that made Sub Pop great.

140 Words:
Male Bonding’s album Nothing Hurts extends the tradition of Sub Pop bands that made the label great.

Dreamy reverb-laden effects obscure the major key pop hooks while feedback and crashing cymbals actually serve to highlight the guitar riffs played with reckless abandon. It’s great to hear music still made like this.

This is for you if you like: intros with drum stick four-counts, the punk side of post-grunge, melodies that emerge through noise with repeated listens, garages more than studios, loose and energetic over meticulous precision, analog over digital (footnote: not just tape hiss vs absolute silence, but tape stretch vs perfect synching), Sonic Youth more than Pearl Jam, Bleach more than In Utero

Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts


Highlights (really tough to decide):
Year’s Not Long
Your Contact
Crooked Scene
Nothing Remains

To know Male Bonding/
Is finding a melody/
In reverb and noise

Male Bonding’s album/
extending the tradition/
of great Sub Pop bands


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