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Crash Kings

Crash Kings
Self-titled album

140 Characters:
Crash Kings are a guitar band without a guitar, pounding out pop songs and making more noise than a keyboard-based 3-piece should.

140 Words:
Crash Kings make pop songs with piano/keyboard as the dominant instrument, but what sets them apart from artists like Ben Folds or Keane (and with songs like like “It’s Only Wednesday,” “Non-Believer,” and “Come Away” one could group CK with them) is just how much noise they can make.

And this is when they are the most fun, pounding out tracks like “Mountain Man,” “You Got Me,” and “14 Guns” -where singer/keyboardist Antonio yells, “We’re just a speck! Let’s give them what they least expect!” And so they do.

With interesting keyboard tricks and distorted bass, you wouldn’t know this band plays without guitar. I’d bet for half the album most listeners wouldn’t notice, either.

They sound fun live. I’m going to try to see them at SXSW in Austin next week.

Crash Kings. Guitar band/
Pounding out radio songs/
Without the guitar