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Googled - Ken Auletta

Book: Googled

Author: Ken Auletta

140 Characters:
Googled is alarming without being alarmist; it’s a surprisingly frank history of Google that paints them as the ultimate frenemy.

140 Words:
Ken Auletta, the writer who coined the term “information super-highway,” has written a new history of Google.

Googled is surprisingly frank; it’s alarming without being alarmist, and informative without being dry.

If Google is the 800 lb avatar in the digital room, it’s best not only to know who they are, but how and why they are here. With clear and engaging language, and mining nearly countless interviews and references, Auletta paints Google as the ultimate frenemy, the girlfriend you can’t live with and can’t live without.

Auletta takes us from the creation of Google and their engineering mindset, to the wave of panic they’ve caused in traditional media companies with their belief everything digital should be free and accessible, to possible scenarios where all can co-exist.

And if for some reason you weren’t paying attention yet, well….

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