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Karnivool - Sound Awake

album- Sound Awake

140 Characters:
Karnivool is dark melodic prog rock- often soaring, powerful and unpredictable. And always desperate and haunting.

140 Words:
Karnivool’s music is dark melodic prog rock, often soaring, powerful, and unpredictable, so it took me a few listens for it to really sink in.

Don’t be fooled by the veneer of production, since over time the slinky bass lines and great guitar work emerge. And the vocals become more desperate and the melodies more haunting. This is a well-executed record.

Karnivool isn’t really a “metal” band the same way A Perfect Circle isn’t really a metal band- they use restraint when they play and no one in the band oversteps their role. And they’re not a typical contemporary rock band in the sense they don’t sound like “brown-rock,” which is what I call post-grunge bands (playing in Drop-D tuning) that are overplayed on rock radio. Thank God.

Highlights: “Simple Boy” and “New Day.”

I hear Karnivool/
It’s desperate and haunting/