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Ghosts & Lightning - Trevor Byrne

Ghosts & Lightning – Trevor Byrne

140 Characters:
Ghosts & Lightning- rambling, restless and rambunctious- has struck at the jugular of the coming-of-age generation.

140 Words:
Trevor Byrne’s first novel is drug and alcohol riddled, and more character-driven than plot-driven. It’s a rambling, restless and rambunctious story about a protagonist man-child’s failed attempt to break from his Irish home, and how his mother’s death brought him (Denny) back to a family that employs interesting coping mechanisms: alcohol and drugs, seances, fist-fights, and curious business dealings.

Ireland is changing faster than Denny’s small world. And like his main character’s situation and increasing desire to move on, it’s only a matter of time before Byrne too breaks out (as a writer). Byrne has the skill to make the mundane interesting, and when the bigger story finds him, he’s going to be a monster.

Great tone, great dialogue, and void of cliches, G&L has struck at the jugular of the coming-of-age generation.

Take Ghosts & Lightning/
Trevor Byrne’s novel of youth/
Read with a pint of Ale

Things that keep you up/
Parties, fights, ghosts and lightning/
Loves of Trevor Byrne